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                Chelsea Brehm         

I am only 18 years old and feel like I have gone through experiences alot of people don't encounter in a lifetime.  Many people, places and things have affected my life and the person I've become, but only so many of them will stick with me forever.  Emily Duits is one of them.  Emi has done so much for me.  Every time I think of her, I have to smile.  There is always some sort of memory that pops into my head that just makes me feel good.  Of course it makes me miss her that much more, but like people have said, Em wouldn't want us to be sad here, thinking about her. She ALWAYS had a smile on her face and was doing something to make others feel good.  This's just the kind of kid she is, and I've never met anyone like her.  And even though she isn't here physically with us anymore, she still lives on.  I do and always will carry a piece of Em in my heart.  Not a day goes by that I don't think about her and there are times I can still see her, hear her. Every time I step into a gym, I see her out there on the court, picture her playing again.  It makes me sad at first, but then I get a memory and have to be happy again.   

   Em touched so many people's lives, and I am SOOO grateful I got the chance to know her and have her in my life.  I feel bad for those who are never going to know the outstanding Emily Duits that we all love so much.   

   I love you Em! And you will forever be remEMbered.

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